Reasoning Quiz (puzzle)

Direction Q1-10 Read the following information carefully and answer the questions

There are seven students-A3, B3, C3,D3,E3, F3 and G3 – whose RBI interview is
scheduled in Mumbai. Their interview is on different days of the week starting from Mon to Sun. They wear different brands viz. Pumaa, Aadidas, Peter England, Arrows, Gucci, Trends and Wodland but not necessarily in the same order. Meanwhile they all wear different colours blazer viz. Cream, Blue, Orange, Violet, Indigo, Green and Red but not necessarily in the same order.B3 who wears Green colour blazer, goes on the forth day of the week but he wears neither Pumaa nor Wodland brand. Two students go between the days on which B3 and F3 goes for the interview and neither of them goes on the 1st day of the week. There is only one student goes between the days on which A3 and C3 goes for interview. C3 does not go either on first or
Third day of the week. C3 wears Blue colour and blazer of Pumaa brand. The one who wears Peter England brand Blazer of orange colour, goes on the last day of the week. D3 does not go on the day either immediately before
or immediately after the day on which A3 goes for the interview, who doesn’t wear either Indigo or Cream or Violet colour blazer.G3 goes immediately after C3 and he wears Cream colour blazer. E3 wears Trends brand blazer
but not of Indigo colour. A3 does not wear either Gucci or Arrows brand. The one who wears Aadidas brand goes for the interview immediately after the day when the one who wears Puma brand goes for interview.The one who wears Arrows brand blazer goes for the interview one of the days after the day on which E3 goes to interview.

Q1) From the following combinations which is definitely false?
a) A3-Red-Wodland b) F3-Orange-Peter England c) C3-Cream-Pumaa
d) B3-Green-Arrows e) All are false

Q2) Who among the following goes on the 5th day of the week?
a) The one who wears Indigo color blazer b) G3 c) The one wears Pumaa brand
d) Cannot be determined e) None of these

Q3) Who wears Arrows brand?
a) A3 b) D3 c) C3 d) B3 e) None of these

Q4) If ‘B3’ is related to ‘Blue’ and ‘G3’ is related to ‘Orange’ then which of the following is ‘A3’ related to?
a) Green b) Red c) Orange d) Blue e) None of these

Q5) Who wears Gucci brand?
a) D3 b) A3 c) B3 d) E3 e) None of these

There are total 12 seats arranged to form a hexagon such that there is a seat at each vertex and a seat at the midpoint of each side. 8 persons Asish, Bikram, Chandan, Dev, Ellora, Foni, Goutam and Harsh are sitting at these seats leaving some seats vacant. Four are facing inward and other are facing outward. They have different brands of mobile phones namely Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Micromax, Oneplus, Lenovo, Sony and LG but not necessarily in same order. Not more than 2 persons are sitting together. Bikram is sitting at one of the vertex and has Sony mobile. There is only one seat between Bikram and Asish and they are facing opposite directions. Chandan is the neighbor of Bikram and is facing outwards. Harsh is sitting to the immediate right of Asish and facing the same direction as Asish. Harsh has Oneplus mobile and there are 4 seats between Harsh and Ellora who has micromax mobile and facing the same direction as Harsh. Foni who has Vivo mobile is sitting at one of the vertex between Harsh and Ellora. Goutam is the neighbor of Foni and has Lenovo mobile. Dev has Oppo mobile and the one who has LG mobile is sitting second to his left. Both Goutam and Foni are facing the same directions.

Q6) Who has the Samsung mobile?
a) Bikram b) Chandan c) Dev d) Asish e) Harsh

Q7)How many people are sitting between Dev and Foni if we count left of Dev?a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 2 e) 6

Q8)What is position of Chandan with respect to Harsh?
a) Fourth to the left b) Third to the right
c) Fourth to the right d) Third to the left e) Second to the right

Q9)Four of the following belongs to a group. Find the odd one?
a) Chandan b) Ellora c) Dev d) Goutam e) Harsh

Q10) Which of the following statement is false?
a) Goutam is sitting to the immediate right of Foni.
b) Chandan has LG mobile.
c) The person who has Samsung mobile is sitting third to the right of Goutam.
d) More than four persons are sitting at the vertex of the hexagon.
e) All are true.

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