Reasoning Quiz (Puzzle & Seating arrangement)

INSTRUCTIONS ( Q1-5) study the following information carefully and answer the question given below the passage

Eight friends- Vishnu, Suresh, Aravind, Selvam, Prem, Johnson, Deepak and Mahesh visit different countries viz. Japan, Singapore, Russia and Switzerland are sitting around a circular table facing the centre of the table. Each country is being visited by 2 person only, but not necessarily in the same order. All these friends have different mobiles i.e. – Samsung, Microsoft, Vivo, Oppo, Motorola, Redmi,HTC and Lenovo. No 2 person visiting the same country are sitting adjacent to each other except those visiting Singapore. The person who has Oppo mobile is sitting on the immediate left of the person who has Lenovo mobile. Prem neither has Lenovo nor Vivo mobile. Mahesh has Redmi mobile and visits Russia and is sitting to the immediate left of Suresh, who visits Singapore. Suresh does not have Vivo mobile. Johnson has Motorola mobile and visits Singapore, who is sitting opposite to Deepak. Only
Vishnu, who has Microsoft mobile, is sitting between Deepak, who has Oppo mobile and the person who has HTC mobile. Persons who visit Japan are sitting opposite to each other. Each of the persons who visit Switzerland is sitting adjacent to a person who visits Japan. Selvam does not have Lenovo mobile.
1.Which mobile is owned by Aravind?




e)None of these

2.Who has a Samsung mobile?




e)None of these

3.Which of the following pair is sitting adjacent to the person who has Motorola mobile?
a)Suresh and Mahesh

b)Prem and Selvam

c)Selvam and Mahesh

d)Mahesh and Aravind

e)None of these

4.Who among the following visit Japan?
a)Aravind and Mahesh

b)Prem and Vishnu

c)Selvam and Aravind

d)Vishnu and Johnson

e)None of these

5.Who is sitting opposite to the person who has Redmi mobile?
a)The person who has Oppo mobile

b)The person who has HTC mobile

c)The person who has Microsoft mobile

d)The person who has Vivo mobile

e) Can’t be determined.

INSTRUCTIONS ( Q6-10) read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

There are some stacks, which contain 12 boxes: A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1, G1, H1, I1, J1, K1 and L1 placed one above the other in a stack, kept from west to east. The height of each of the boxes is same. There are at most four stacks. Box J1 is in the west of box B1 but not to the immediate west. Box B1 and box J1 are not placed in the stacks which has box H1 and box D1. There are two boxes between box E1 and box I1 vertically. Box G1 is the top most box in the stack which is at the extreme right end. Box H1 is one stack away from the box D1. Stack which is at two position from the left end has half no of boxes as of stack which is at two position from the right end. Box D1 is one box away from the box G1 vertically. The stack which has box I1 at the bottom most position is the tallest stack. Box C1 and box G1 are at the same position in different stacks. No box is above the box E1. Box J1 is not at the bottom of stack. Box F1 and box I1 are immediate neighbours horizontally but none of them are on the stacks that are on extreme end. Box E1 is placed immediately above box B1. Box K1 is placed adjacent to box L1 horizontally. Box A1 is placed at the bottom place of the stack which is on extreme end.

Q6) What is position of box K1 with respect to box F1?
a) Immediate above
b) Towards the east direction
c) Towards the west direction
d) Immediate below
e) Can’t be determined.

Q7) In which stack box L1 is placed?
a) Stack which has box D1.
b) Stack to the immediate left of stack which has box I1.
c) Stack which is at left end.
d) Stack which has box H1.
e) Can’t be determined.

Q8) If we exchange the position of the stacks which are at extreme ends then what will be the position of box J1 with respect to box E1?
a) One stack away towards east.
b) Adjacent stack.
c) Two stack away towards west.
d) Both are in same stack.
e) Can’t be determined.

Q9) How many boxes are there in the tallest and shortest stack respectively?
a) 4 box and 3 box b) 3 box and 1 box c) 4 box and 2 box
d) 5 box and 3 box e) 5 box and 2 box

Q10) What is the total number of boxes in stacks which are of equal height?
a) Six boxes b) Four boxes c) Two boxes
d) Eight boxes e) None of the above

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