Reasoning Quiz For IBPS po prelim

DIRECTION (Q1-5) Read the following information carefully and answer the questions

Eight Tiffines, which contains different types of fruits namely Banana, Guava, grapes, Apple,Papaya, Litchi, Strawberry and Orange. Also Tiffines contains different number of boxes among Five,Four, Three and Six. Exactly two Tiffines are consist same number of boxes, in such a way that each
number is common to exactly two Tiffines. Consider the Tiffin kept at top as 1st position and bottom as 8th position. Each Tiffin name is Prem, Quami, Rustom, Seema, Tom, Uvi, Vinay and Wasim. Also eachTiffin is arranged in top to bottom.Tiffin Seema which consist Four boxes kept two places above Quami and both are in the top 4positions when Tiffines are arranged from top to bottom. The Tiffin, which is containing Apple is kept immediately below the Tiffin, which consist Three box and consist the same number of boxes as Seema.Tiffin Rustom is kept somewhere between Vinay and Wasim. Wasim is kept below Rustom. The two Tiffines, which consist six numbers of boxes, are kept vertically adjacent to each other. The Tiffin containing Guava is consist three number of box. Tiffin, which contains Grapes are kept exactly middle
between Uvi and the Tiffin containing Litchi. Tiffin Wasim doesn’t contain Banana. Tiffin Tom kept two places below Tiffin Vinay which is kept immediately below the Tiffin, which is containing Apple. The Tiffin containing Orange is placed at even numbered place but is not placed at the bottom. Tiffin, which consist five number of box kept at the top either contains Banana or Strawberry. Tiffin Tom does not consist of six boxes. Tiffin Uvi which contains Papaya, consist three number of box. Tiffin Rustom doesn’t
contain Banana or Orange.

Q1). What is the total number of boxes above the one which contains apple?
a) 12 b) 15 c) 11 d) 13 e) None of these

Q2). How many Tiffins are there between the Tiffin that contains Litchi and the Tiffin that contains five
a) Two b) None c) Three d) Four e) None of these

Q3). Which of the following is a fruit that is contained in the tiffin with highest number of boxes?
a) Strawberry b) Grapes c) Litchi d) Banana e) Both a) and b)

Q4). If all the tiffins arranged from top to bottom are assigned the same rank as their position from thetop, then how many tiffins will have the same rank as the number of boxes they contain?
a) None b) One c) Two d) Three e) Four

Q5). Which tiffin is kept four places above the tiffin that contains Grapes?
a) Uvi b) The one that contain four boxes c) Seema d) Banana e) None of these

DIRECTION (Q6-10)Read the following information carefully and answer the questions

Giorgi, Emmanuel, Lukashenko, Sauli, Higgins, Steimmeier, Kersti, Theresa, and Rumen work in the same work in the same office. They work in different teams in the same office. A meeting is organized in the office in which the employees from different departments are participating. In that meeting, nine employees – Giorgi, Emmanual, Lukashenko, Sauli, Higgins, Steinmeier,
Kertsti, Theresa and Rumen are arranged to sit in nine chairs in three columns and in three rows in one class. It is given that:
I. Among them, Giorgi, Higgins, and Lukashenko work in paper team; Emmanuel, Steinmeier and Theresa work in blogger team and remaining work in translation team.
II. Two employees of same team sit neither in the same row nor in the same column.
III. Steinmeier sits in the second row, second column chair. Higgins neither sits in the first row, nor in the first column.
IV. Kersti sits neither in the same column, nor in the same row as Higgins or Emmanuel. Emmanuel sits neither in the third row, nor in the third column.
V. Lukashenko sits either in the first row, first column or in the first row, third column.
VI. Rows are numbered from 1 to 3, from top to bottom, and the columns are numbered from 1 to 3, from left to right

Q6). Who among the following three employees sit in the third column?
a) Lukashemko, Higgins and Theresa
b) Lukashenko, Kersti and Theresa
c) Giorgi, Lukashenko and Emmanuel
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

Q7)Who among the following three employees sit in the second row?
a) Emmanuel, Sauli and Lukashenko
b) Giorgi, Steinmeier and Higgins
c)c) Giorgi, Steinmeier and Kersti
d) Cannot be determined
e) None of these

Q8).Which among the following is definitely true?
a) Sauli sits in between Emmanuel and Lukashenko
b) Rumen sits adjacent to Higgins
c) Kersti sits in between Lukashenko and Theresa in the 3rd column
d) Sauli sits in the 2nd column, 1st row
e) None of these

Q9). If the person sitting in ‘n th – row’ and ‘nth – column’ obtained rank 5’ in their respectively team,with each employee of obtaineding a different rank in each row and column.What is the rank of ‘Higgins’?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3
d) either (b) or (c) e) None of these

Q10). Which of the following combination is correct of the employees who are sitting diagonal?
a) Lukashenko, Steinmeier and Rumen
b) Lukashenko, Sauli and Steinmeier
c) Emmanuel, Steinmeier and Theresa
d) Emmanuel, Steinmeier and Kersti
e) None of these

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