Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS/SBI/RRB Clerk Main

Q.1) An article was sold at a discount of 20% and there was a profit of 20%. If the profit earned was Rs.65 less than the discount offered, what was the selling price of the article?
Q.2) A Man borrowed some money from a private organisation at 8% simple interest per annum. He lent 75% of his money to another person at 10% compound interest per annum and thereby the man earned a profit of Rs.561.5 in 4 years. What amount did the man borrow?
4) Rs.22000
5) Rs.22500
Q.3) A fruit vendor bought 600 bananas at Rs.30 per 20 bananas. 250 bananas got spoiled and hence thrown. He sold 24 dozen bananas at the rate of Rs.30 per dozen and the remaining at Rs.2 per banana. What is the profit/ loss percentage?
1) 6.75% profit
2) 7.4% loss
3) 7.75% profit
4) 6.22% loss
5) Other than given options
Q.4) Rajat and Ragini can seperately do a piece of work in 18 days and 12 days respectively. They worked together for 6 days, after which Ragini was replaced by Rohan. If the work was finished in next 2 days, then what is the number of days in which Rohan alone can do the work?
1) 28 days
2) 36 days
3) 20 days
4) 24 days
5) Other than the given options

Q.5) In a bottle containing one litre of alcohol 250ml of alcohol is replaced by 500ml water and after that 100 ml of the mixture is replaced by 100 ml water then find the ratio of alcohol to water in the new mixture?
4) 69 : 53
5) None of these
Q.6) Vimal invested 10% more than the investment of Raju and Raju invested 10% less than the investment of Raghu.If the total investment of all three persons is Rs.13005, find the sum of investment of Raju and Raghu?
1) Rs.7550
4) Rs.8550
5) Other than the given options
Q.7) A box contains 4 blue pens, 5 green pens and 6 red pens. Two pens are drawn at random from the box. What is the probability that the ball drawn is either
red or green?

1)3/ 23
5) None of these
Q.8) In how many different ways can 4 girls and 5 boys be arranged in a row so that the four girls sit together?
1) 17280
2) 17820
3) 15820
4) 15280
5) None of these
Q.9) The length of rectangular field is three times its breadth. If the cost of cultivating the field at Rs.246.80 per hectare be Rs.36279.60, find its length and breadth?
1)2100m, 700m
2)2130m, 710m
3)2070m, 690m
4) 2400m, 800m
5) Other than the given options

Q.10)The sum of the ages of Sumit and Sindhu is 45 years, that of Sindhu and Saran is 55 years and the sum of the ages of Sumit and Saran is 65 years. What is the age of Sindhu?
1)22 years
2)21.5 years
3) 17.5 years
4) 18 years
5) Other than the given options

Q.11) A boat covers a distance of 30 km downstream in 2 hours while it take 6 hours to cover the same distance upstream. If the speed of the stream is half that of the the boat, then what is the speed of the boat in km per hour?
4) 10
5) Other than the given options
Q.12) In how many different ways can the letters of the word SAMSUNG be arranged such that M and N always come together? 1)360
2) 720
3) 420
4) 560
5) 640
Q.13) Two pens and 5 pencils cost Rs.72.  Five pens and a pencil cost Rs. 88. What is the difference between the cost of a pen and that of a pencil?

Q.14) A sum is divided among Chetan, Bhagat and Ravindra. If the difference between the amounts of Chetan and Ravindra is Rs.700 and that between those of Bhagat and Ravindra is Rs.300, then what is the sum?
4) Can’t be determined
5) Other than the given options

Q.15) The sum of 5 consecutive odd numbers of Set A is 125. What will be the sum of Set B containing 4 consecutive odd numbers, if the smallest odd number of Set B is 16 more than the highest odd number of Set A?
3) 192
Q.16)The perimeter of a square whose diagonal is 34√2m , is equal to the perimeter of a rectangle. If the difference between the length and the breadth of the rectangle is 12m, then what is the area of the rectangle? (in m2)
1) 1120
2) 1080
3) 840
4) 1840
5) Other than those given as options
Q.17) Rimi and Simi spent 60% and 75% of their respective monthly salaries. Simi kept 60% of the remaining as savings and gave the remaining Rs.2100 to her sister. What was Rimi’s monthly expenditure if her monthly salary was 25% less than that of Simi?
Q.18) A jar contains a mixture of mango juice and water in the ratio of 22 : 3. 50 litres of the mixture was taken out and 25 litres of water was added to it. If water was 34% in the resultant mixture, what was the initial quantity of the mixture in the jar? (in litres)
Q.19) Train A running at 108 km/H takes 15 sec to cross a pole. How much time (in sec) will Train B running at 54 km/h take to cross the pole, if its strength is one-third that ofTrain A?

Q.20) A treader sold an article at 12% loss. Had he sold the article for Rs.109.20 more, he would have earned a profit of 30%. What would be the selling price of article is sold at 40% profit?
5) other than those given as options
Q.21) A boat can travel 6.4 km downstream in 16 minutes and 8.7 km upstream in 29 minutes. What is the total time taken by the boat to travel 36 km upstream and the same distance downstream together?
1) 03 hrs45 mins
2) 4 hrs 11 mins
3)4 hrs
4)3hrs30 mins
5) 3 hrs

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