Quantitative Aptitude For IBPS PO

Directions (Q.1-15): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Q1. Rs. 5,000 is invested at 4% per annum rate of simple interest and another amount at 6% per annum rate of simple interest. if after 3 years the interest received on both the amount is Rs.3300. then find out another amount?

Q2. The L.C.M of two number is 3 times of largest number and difference between smallest number and H.C.F. of two number is 12. Then find out the smallest number.

Q3. The average of 7 odd consecutive number is equal to 13. Then find out the 2nd largest number.

Q4. The speed of boat in downstream is faster than the speed of boat in upstream. If boat takes 7 hours to cover a certain distance in still water. Find out the time taken by boat to cover same distance in upstream.
(a)13 hours
(b)11 hours
(c)9 hours
(d)7 hours
(e)8 hours

Q5.The area of triangle is 270 If its sides are in the ratio 12:5:13 then find out its perimeter.
(a)30 cm
(b)60 cm
(c)90 cm
(d)120 cm
(e)270 cm

Q6. A group of men decided to a do a work in 7 days. But 10 men dropped out every day, the work completed at the end of the 13th day. How many men were there at the beginning?
(a) 120 men
(b) 130 men
(c) 144 men
(d) 148 men
(e) 169 men

Q7. The efficiency of men, women and children are in ratio 3:2:1. If 20 men,30 women and 40 children together can complete the work in 3 days. Then find out how many men can complete the same work in 10 days?
(a)10 men
(b)12 men
(c)13 men
(d)14 men
(e)16 men

Q8. A shopkeeper sells an article, at 12% above its cost price, if he had bought it at 10% more than what he paid for it and sold it for Rs. 108 more, he would have gained 10%. The cost price of the article is

Q9. A, B and C enter a partnership with share in the ratio of 105:40:36, after 6 months B increases his share by 50%. If the total profit at the end of the year be Rs 38200. what will be difference between share of A and C in the profit?

Q10. A certain sum at compound interest amounts to Rs. 5750 in 2 years and Rs 8625 in 3 years. Find the rate per cent per annum.

Q11. There are two containers of same Capacity. If the ratio of milk and water in 1st container is 2:3 and in 2nd container is 11:14. If they mixed up, find the ratio of milk and water in the mixture.

Q12. A right-angle triangle having base 10cm and height equal to 27.3cm is turned around the height. Find the volume of cone thus formed 

Q13. The volume of a is brick 3000  and its dimensions are in the ratio 3:2:4. if its entire surface is painted at 50 paisa per . the cost will be (in Rs).
(a)Rs. 580
(b)Rs. 620
(c)Rs. 680
(d)Rs. 650
(e)Rs. 500

Q14. The cost price of 203 articles is the same as the selling price of x articles. If the profit is 16.67%, then the value of x is:

Q15. A boat travels downstream from M to N and upstream from N to M in 14 hours. If the speed of the boat in still water 10.5kmph and the speed of current is 1.5kmph. What is distance between A and B?
(a)70 km
(b)72 km
(c)68 km
(d)74 km
(e)76 km

Q.1 Ans.(b)

Q.2 Ans.(d)

Q.3 Ans.(a)

Q.4 Ans.(e)

Q.5 Ans.(c)

Q.6 Ans.(b)

Q.7 Ans.(e)

Q.8 Ans.(b)

Q.9 Ans.(a)

Q.10 Ans.(b)

Q.11 Ans.(e)

Q.12 Ans.(c)

Q.13 Ans.(d)

Q.14 Ans.(b)

Q.15 Ans.(b)

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