Present opportunities for an Unemployed Youth: Banking as a career

In Today’s World, where people are struggling to get a job or to meet the basic criteria of getting an employment . The reasons are:-

  • India’s Population
  • Unskilled Youth
  • Education Mafia
  • Career Selection

India’s Population because there are lesser job opportunities but more skilled & unskilled youths .
Unskilled Youth here depicts the failure of meeting the basic amenities or skills required to get a job.
Education Mafia because now a day’s Educational Institutions are more focussed in looting money from students instead of establishing a well set plan or carreer-oriented programme that any youth should acquire who is aspiring for a job.Take an Example of Engineering Colleges ,we can get a college within 10-15km radius in most of the cities where many claims of 100% placement just to attract students at large but in reality it’s a propaganda to catch their prey.
Career Selection is a must now-a-days based on what are the opportunities we have every year mostly which are:-

While mostly unemployed youths prefer the first but the smarter prefer the second the reason is job security(public sector banks). Like presently when the whole World is dealing with an aggravate situation of COVID-19 or CORONA ,we have witness many people are loosing their jobs so job security in current times or for future is much needed to deal with such misfortunes which people are burdened with being so abominable.

A Bank comprises mostly of 2 types:-Private Sector Banks(HDFC,IDFC,AXIS as example)

1)Private Sector Banks(HDFC,IDFC,AXIS as example)
2)Public Sector Banks(PSB’s) like

  • Nationalised Banks(EX- UCO,ANDHRA,PUNJAB NATIONAL & all)
  • All Regional Rural Banks(RRB’s).

Now Let us Discuss how to get into Banking Sector)
One can get into Private Sector Banks through:-

  • MBA placements
  • Clearing Written Exam and Interview
  • PGDBF(Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance)

And Public Sector Banks through:-

  • PGDBF Programmes conducted by some PSB’s.
  • IBPS Recruitment conducted every year.

*Every year Recruitments are conducted by IBPS of SBI,RRB’s & Nationalised Banks incuding both Clerk & Probationary Officers(PO’s).

The Exam Comprises of:-

  • 2Phases for Clerk namely Prelims & Mains
  • 3 Phases for PO’s namely Prelims,Mains & Interview

Every year lakhs of aspirants are applying for Bank Jobs through IBPS as Job Security,Better Future & Handsome Salary attracts the minds of Youths but only a few accomplish their quench of getting into it.
So for it one has to invest Time with Hard Work,Dedication & Perseverance and proper guidance as to meet the standards required to fulfill the criteria of getting into it is easy but the way is sometimes difficult due to which many fail & they give-up in between.There are some lucky unemployed youths who get into Bank jobs in their first attempt but many get after after investing Time & Patience for 5-7 years , “Life sometimes is also not fair to all” but at the end good things do take time .So Choose a Career which has a job-security because life is Uncertain but the present is in our hands for sure so Work hard now for a better future.

By:- SACHIN SINGH. Assistant Manager at Odisha Gramya Bank

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