History and Generation of Computer

What is Computer ?

  • The word computer is an electronic device . The word computer is derived from Latin word “Compute” which means calculation.
  • Computer = Compute + er
  • Where “compute” means “calculation”
  • “Er” means a “device/administrator”
  • The word Computer in earlier times meant a person who performed calculations or computations. With years its definition changed to a machine that performs calculations.
  • It can perform all type of mathematical and logical operations; it can accept data, store data, retrieve data, process data and produce output.
  • Father of computer is known as Charles Babbage .
  • He invented two machines in 1822 introduced Difference Engine and in 1834, introduced Analytical engine.

History of Computer :

  • ENIAC was the first digital computer and it was invented by J.Presper Eckert and John Mauchly at the University of Pennsylvania and began construction in 1943.
  • It uses 18000 vacuum tubes as a storing device.
  • They were also founders of the first computer company, it was initially named Electronic Controls Company which was later changed to Eckert– Mauchly Computer Corporation, and released a series of mainframe electronic digital stored-program computer under the name of UNIVAC.
  • MIT introduces the whirlwind machine (first computer with RAM) on March 8, 1955

Generation Of Computer

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