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English Language plays vital role in every compititive examination. If you want to secure good score in mains then you should focus English very much. Now days students are unable to gain maximum score in this section because lack of vocabulary skills so here at bankers cafe we are providing simple English vocabulary : meaning of difficult words to boost up your preparation

  1. student-friendly (adjective) – appropriate &helpful for students.
  2. merit-promoting (adjective) – level/grade promoting.
  3. over-centralisation (noun) – excessive centralization.
  4. centralisation (noun) – the process of having functions, powers, people or things only in a central location or authority.
  5. facilitate (verb) – make easier, make possible; assist, help, aid.
  6. totalitarian (adjective) – authoritarian, oppressive, dictatorial, undemocratic,illiberal.
  7. tyranny (noun) – absolute power, autocracy,dictatorship.
  8. mercenary (noun) – someone/something works mainly for personal advantages,particularly money.
  9. interest (noun) – concern, care.
  10. domination (noun) – complete control,power, authority, influence.
  11. keep (something) in mind (phrase) –considering, taking into account, remember.
  12. strike down (phrasal verb) – abolish, annul,nullify (a law or regulation).
  13. unconstitutional (adjective) – totalitarian,authoritarian, autocratic, undemocratic,arbitrary.
  14. dissenting (adjective) – disagreeing,disapproving, opposing.
  15. assault (noun) – attack, violence, incursion.
  16. autonomy (noun) – self-government/self-rule, independence, freedom.
  17. unaided (adjective) – (of institutions) not sponsored/funded by government.
  18. ironical (adjective) – paradoxical,incongruous, strange, weird.
  19. deregulation (noun) – the removal of regulations.
  20. in the name of (phrase) – for the sake of, at the behest of.
  21. regulate (verb) – control, supervise, manage.
  22. annihilate (verb) – destroy, wipe out, obliterate.
  23. character (noun) – status, position, image;role, part.
  24. mal-administer (verb) – administer or manage badly.
  25. mal-practice (noun) – misconduct,wrongdoing, unprofessionalism
  26. disadvantage (verb) – treat unfavourably,treat unfairly, in an unfavourable position.
  27. prosper (verb) – develop, improve, progress.
  28. vernacular (adjective) – (of language) spoken as one’s local or native language or mother tongue.
  29. overlook (verb) – miss, fail to notice; disregard, neglect/ignore.
  30. fairness (noun) – fair treatment, impartiality, lack of favouritism.
  31. transparency (noun) – clarity, clearness,straightforwardness.
  32. award (verb) – give, provide, confer/grant.
  33. overrule (verb) – cancel, reverse, rescind,repeal.
  34. arbitrarily (adverb) – randomly/casually, irrationally, unreasonably, illogically;autocratically.
  35. consensus (noun) – an idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group,agreement, concurrence.
  36. meritocracy (noun) – it refers to a system under which advancement within the system turns on “merits”, like performance, intelligence, credentials, and education.
  37. multidimensional (adjective) – involving several dimensions (aspects/features).
  38. construct (noun) – idea.
  39. criterion (noun) – basis, standard, norm.(criteria is the plural form of criterion).
  40. just (noun) – fair, equitable, even-handed, impartial, unbiased.
  41. illusionary (adjective) – deceptive;misleading, imaginary, unreal, illusory.
  42. substantial (adjective) – considerable,significant, large.
  43. concede (verb) – admit, acknowledge,accept, allow.
  44. lack of (noun) – absence, deficiency,unavailability, fall short of.
  45. empirical (adjective) – factual, actual,practical, pragmatic.the underprivileged (noun) – the
  46. disadvantaged, impoverished, poverty-
    stricken (people).
  47. so far (phrase) – until now, up to the
    present, up to this point.
  48. differential (adjective) – different, dissimilar,
  49. provision (noun) – term, clause, requirement

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