English Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs

English Language plays vital role in every compititive examination. If you want to secure good score in mains then you should focus English very much. Now days students are unable to gain maximum score in this section because lack of vocabulary skills so here at bankers cafe we are providing simple English vocabulary : Pharasal verbs to boost up your preparation .

  1. come up with — produce, put forward, present/submit.
  2. lay down — formulate, stipulate, frame.
  3. break out — (of fighting/violence) flare up, begin/start suddenly, erupt.
  4. roll back — reverse the progress of something.
  5. snuff out — kill (in a sudden manner).
  6. live through — survive, undergo, experience (an unpleasant experience or period).
  7. account for — constitute, make up, comprise, form.
  8. knock down — demolish, destroy, pull down.
  9. move on — develop, progress; get better, take steps forward, march forward.
  10. put behind — to stop focusing on something.
  11. reach out — contact someone to obtain or offer help, assistance, cooperation.
  12. come after — follow, happen occur, ensue.
  13. pull out — withdraw, leave, abandon.
  14. put aside — disregard/forget, set aside, ignore, pay no heed to, shrug off.
  15. factor in — included/added as a factor/point when making a decision.
  16. scale up — increase.
  17. step up — increase, intensify, augment, strengthen, accelerate.
  18. set up — establish, start, begin.
  19. put off — postpone, defer, delay.
  20. live up to — satisfy, fulfil, achieve.
  21. go against — oppose, be contrary to.
  22. take up — accept, agree to, accede to, say yes to.
  23. move away from — change/alter one’s ideas/beliefs and so
  24. go on to — talk at length, continue, proceed.
  25. build upon — develop, expand/enlarge on; enhance.
  26. look for — search for, try to find, look around for.
  27. fall for — to be tricked/deceived by something/someone.
  28. rely upon — depend on; resort to have recourse to.
  29. push through — succeed in passing a law accepted by the people who oppose it.
  30. feed into — have an effect/influence on something; help to make something happen.
  31. brine upon — cause to happen, give, deal out (something bad/unpleasant).
  32. call for — require, publicly ask/necessitate, demand.
  33. walk out — depart, leave, get out (suddenly).
  34. put out — publish, release, publicize/circulate.
  35. embark upon — start, begin, initiate/commence.
  36. look at — regard, consider, view/see; check out, analyse, appraise.
  37. kick in — come into effect.
  38. send out — give out, announce, deliver/release.
  39. keep out — exclude, deny access to, prohibit.
  40. go beyond — to do more than (required).
  41. point out — identify, recognize, draw attention to, mention.
  42. put (someone) in — appoint (someone) to fulfill a particular role.
  43. usher in — start, begin, initiate/introduce.
  44. come under — be subjected to.
  45. stem from — originate from, arise from, come from.
  46. put forward — moot, propose, recommend, suggest (an idea)
  47. take to — resort to, turn to, have recourse to.
  48. set out — present, describe, detail.
  49. call on — appeal to, demand/ask, request.
  50. put up — give, provide, come up with; present, put forward, propose.

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