English Vocabulary: Meaning of difficult words

  1. indelicate (adjective) – insensitive,unceremonious, undiplomatic, impolitic.
  2. imbalance (noun) – disparity, variation,disproportion, unevenness, lopsidedness.
  3. defer to (verb) – to allow/permit someone else to decide on something;
    agree/follow, submit/surrender (tosomeone else’s decision).
  4. the executive (noun) – having the power to put plans and action
  5. abdicate (verb) – reject, disown, turndown, give up, abandon (a responsibility).
  6. discharge (verb) – carry out, conduct, do,perform, (a duty).
  7. in the first place (phrase) – at thebeginning.
  8. abdication (noun) – disowning, rejection,refusal/avoidance.
  9. enforce (verb) – impose, carryout, discharge, implement.
  10. quite (adverb) – completely, fully,entirely, obviously.
  11. stark (adjective) – distinct, obvious, clear,evident.
  12. resort to (verb) – use, utilize, turn to, have recourse to.
  13. grievance (noun) – complaint, problem,objection/protest.
  14. merit (verb) – deserve, justify, warrant,have a right to, have a claim to.
  15. consideration (noun) – attention; a factor,point, concern, matter (taken into account while judging something).
  16. consonance (noun) – agreement, concord,accordance.
  17. seek (verb) – try to find, attempt, look for,search for.
  18. context (noun) – circumstances,conditions, state of affairs.
  19. inevitably (adverb) – naturally,automatically, unavoidably, certainly/defi
  20. unquestioning (adjective) – uncritical,unsceptical, unwary, over-trusting.
  21. deference (noun) – consideration,attention; submission, obedience;
  22. scrutinise (verb) – examine carefully,inspect; investigate.
  23. claim (noun) – request, demand.
  24. pursue (verb) – engage in, conduct,follow.
  25. lay down (phrasal verb) – formulate,stipulate, set down.
  26. adhere to (verb) – abide by, stick to, holdto, comply with.
  27. doctrine (noun) – principle, belief, rule.
  1. doctrine of proportionality (noun) – the doctrine of proportionality
    entails/requires that an administrative decision, which is taken through the exercise of discretionary powers, must be in the extent to the consequences that follow from implementing that decisions.
  2. refrain from (verb) – stop oneself, abstain,desist from, hold back.
  3. legality (noun) –lawfulness, legitimacy, validity, rightness.
  4. imposition (noun) – implementation,execution, enforcement.
  5. blanket (adjective) – extensive,overall, outright, total.
  6. (communication) lockdown (noun) –communication blackout (suppression),loss of communication; restrictions(particularly on internet access).
  7. in the wake of (phrase) – as a result of, in the aftermath of, as a consequence of.
  8. abrogation (noun) – abolition, repeal, cancellation (of a law/agreement).
  9. erstwhile (adjective) – old, previous,Former, then.
  10. hold (verb) – rule; decide.
  11. Shutdown – to close permanently for a period of time or extended period of time.
  12. territorial (adjective) – localized, zonal.
  13. from time to time (phrase) – irregularly,occasionally, now and again.
  14. make out (phrasal verb) – demonstrate,prove, validate (good reasons to show why you need something).
  15. pandemic (noun) – spread of a new disease(world wide); The illness spreads around the world and typically affects a large number of people across a widearea.
  16. lockdown (noun) – an emergency protocol implemented by the government authorities that prevents people from leaving from a place or home; An extended state of confinement/encirclement/isolation of a person by the government authority.
  17. curb (noun) – restraint, control/check,restriction, limitation.
  1. take into account (phrase) – to consider,note, bear in mind, take account of.
  2. ought to (modal verb) – must, should.
  3. tranquillity (noun) – peacefulness,restfulness, calmness, quietness.
  4. spike (noun) – a sharp rise/increase of something.
  5. incident (noun) – confrontation, skirmish,brush, encounter,conflict/fight.
  6. in place (phrase) – established, set up.

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