English Quiz(Spotting errors)

spotting errors in English section is an important part for compititive examinations . In every exams i.e prelims and mains ,5-7 questions are coming from this section . You should have basic grammar knowledge to identify the error part in a sentence .

  1. At one level, air-conditioning is potentially (a)/ a sign of civilization- of rising above the (b)/ biological,cultivating the ability to not react immediately (c)/to one’s physical surroundings. (d) no error (e)
  2. The discovery of the Slims River diversion (a)/ away from the Bering Sea into another watershed (b)/that empties from the Pacific Ocean (c)/ was published in the journal Nature Geo science. (d) No error(e)
  3. If farmers ready their fields by burning (a)/ stubble, the dark smoke clouds that (b)/ rise as a result travel far and (c)/ wide, by carrying in their wake severe air pollution. (d) no error (e)
  4. The moment we blame anybody, (a)/ we become victims, the sorrow (b)/ intensifies, and we refuse to (c)/ accept responsibility to our actions. (d) no error (e)
  5. We are creatures of habit, and (a)/ tend to want to stay in something and (b)/hold onto that which is known and familiar, (c)/ even if its not the right fit for our lives anymore. (d) no error (e)
  6. The thyroid gland located at the “Adam’s Apple” near your throat, is (a) / what produces hormones that activate cell activity (b)/ by controlling your body’s temperature but also (c)/ the rate that your
    body burns calories. (d) no error (e)
  7. After offering a glass of water, I (a)/ encouraged her to speak, though in (b)/ my mind I was thinking of it as a custodial (c)/ fight over children, a tragical common narrative. (d) no error (e)
  8. When too many colleges are affiliated to a (a)/ university, the latter tends to deteriorate (b)/ into an exam factory instead of an institution (c)/ imparting quality education or pursue research. (d) no error
  9. Practices of culture sometimes can be (a) opposed to rational thinking, requiring (b) bending to meetsubjective (c) region specific demands. (d) no error (e)
  10. The influences of the forces of modernization creeping (a) in the society has led to paradigm shift (b)/of the housing types from traditional flood resistant into (c) concrete modern structures. (d) no error (e)

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