English Quiz For IBPS PO Prelim

Directions [1-5] : There are two statements given in each of (I), (II) & (III), you are required to combine the two statements using the connecting word provided and choose from the combination in the option the one’s that can be combined using the connecting word. If the connecting word cannot be applied to any of the options then choose (e) as your answer.

  1. UNTIL:
    I. At an earlier age, I was forced to repeat the words or sentences, sometimes for hours. I felt theproper ring in my own voice.
    II. Of course, if you prefer, we can wait. You come home from work and make it a fun family event.
    III. I wouldn’t believe it was alive. I saw it move.
    A – Only I B – Both II & III
    C – Both I & III D – All can be connected E – None can be connected
  2. WHEN:
    I. She was not relieved. The doctor told her not to worry about her husband’s health.
    II. In Siberia, it can get so cold that the moisture in a person’s breath freezes, and can actually beheard. It falls to earth as ice crystals.
    III. The counter value reaches the assigned ‘luckynumber’. It displays a congratulatory message.
    A – Both I & II B – Both I & III
    C – Both II & III D – All can be connected E – None can be connected
    I. The businessman stopped at the hotel front desk to inquire. There had been any messages forhim.
    II. It has been observed that if we deny love that is given to us and refuse to give love because wefear pain or loss. Our lives will be empty, our loss greater.
    III. He comes or not. We’ll begin the party on time.
    A – Both I & III B – Only I
    C – Only II D – All can be connected E – None can be connected
    I. Cornwall, a rugged peninsula that forms Britain’s south-western extremity, has a history ofmining going back thousands of years. Its landscape is dotted with the ruins.
    II. Only 7 percent of the world has a temperate climate. Nearly half of the world’s people live inthese areas.
    III. There is a Native American proverb which states that when the last tree has been cut down,the last river has been polluted. The last fish has been caught, only then do you realise thatmoney can’t buy everything.
    A – Only III B – Only II
    C – Both I & II D – All can be connected E – None can be connected
    I. Eating is a requirement for living. There must be mechanisms in the body and mind that makeus hungry and interested in eating at regular intervals.
    II. The official language of India is Hindi. There are 14 regional languages that are officiallyrecognized for conducting national affairs.
    III. Anti-smoking policies have been being widely implemented in the developed world. They arelagging far behind in the poorer nations.
    A – Both I & III B – Both II & III
    C – Both I & II D – All can be connected E – None can be connected

Directions [6-10] : For the word given below, a contextual usage is provided. From the sentences given,pick the sentence that does not use the word appropriately and thus are marked as incorrect sentences.

  1. APPEAL:
    I. His patient attitude appeals to everyone in the house. II. The farmers made an appeal to the minister for helping them in the situation of crisis. III. Every citizen has a right to appeal against a lower court’s verdict. A – Only (I). B – Only (III) C – Both (I) and (III) D – Both (II) and (III) E – None of (I), (II) and (III)
  1. ARDENT:
    I. No one could gaze the size of the ardent bird from such a long distance.
    II. She is an ardent supporter of the rights of animals.
    III. Everybody was stunned to see the ardent flames coming out of the house.
    A – Only (III) B – Only (II)
    C – Only (I) D – Both (II) and (III) E – Both (I) and (II)
  2. RIGOUR:
    I. It was hard for the kid to bear with the rigours of the rules at his boding school.
    II. His rigours helped him reach the pinnacle of his career.
    III. His research was not selected for the next stage in the competition as it was lacking in rigour.
    A – Only (I) B – Only (II)
    C – Only (III) D – Both (II) and (III) E – All (I), (II) and (III)
  3. LAPSE:
    I. After her husband’s demise, she lapsed into a state of depression.
    II. You need to file your application before the stipulated time lapses.
    III. You can’t lapse your liability under a legal contract.
    A – Only (I) B – Only (II)
    C – Only (III) D – Both (I) and (III) E – None of (I), (II) and (III)
  4. AMASS:
    I. You cannot amass someone if you continue to be rude while talking.
    II. He spent his whole life amassing wealth which is enough to keep his next generation in a goodstate.
    III. The opposition party amassed the leadership of ignoring the interests of the poor.
    A – All (I), (II) and (III) B – Only (III)
    C – Both (I) and (II) D – Both (I) and (III) E – Both (II) and (III)

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