English Quiz for IBPS PO

Directions (Q. 1 -10). The sentence has two blanks,each blank Indicating that something has been omitted.Choose the set of words for the blanks which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1)Cassava grows ___________in South India, but has oneproblem it contains a toxin that must be ________ bylong so kiting in water.
(a) hardly, remove
(b)easy, remove
(c)easily, remove
(d)hard, removed
(e)easily, removal

2).A human journey is_______when there is someone atthe door to_______ them when they get at home.
(a)incomplete, greet
(b)complete, ignore
(c)incompetent, ignore
(d)complete, greet
(e)complete, great

3).An adult reader is _______ for his tutor to come along and show hit n how to ______a book.
(a)waiting, handle
(b)wait, handle
(c)wait, handling
(d)waiting, open
(e)waited, open

4).Operations in steel plant which ____a major accident Is __________gradu

(a)suffer limp (b) occur, limp (c)suffer, coming (d)suffered, limping (e)suffered, limped

5). The new government is __________a comprehensiverevamp of the health insurance scheme for the poor in a move that will _______ further many people.
(a)propose, loss
(b)proposing, harm
(c)proposing, benefit
(d)proposed, benefit
(e)proposed, harm

6).A new study has _______the five most common health Issues in men and how to ____ them.
(a)said, arrest
(b) stated, shrink
(c)revealed, prevent
(d)exposed, react
(e)laid, restrict

7).________to the challenge of fighting drug addiction,children have ______up the task of spreading
awareness against drugs,
(a)Taking, set
(b)Respond, taken,
(c) Responding, taken
(d)Resolving, set
(e)Contrary, set

8). The night fabric can do _____ for your frame and as a ______ your confidence.
(a)wonders, consequence
(b)marvels, side
(c)good, process
(d)remarkably, finish
(e)superb, result

9). The wheat grains do not meet the ________ standards___________ for procurement of food grains by the government agencies.
(a)total, kept
(b)most, meant
(c)excellence, allowed
(d)optimistic, placed
(e)quality, prescribed

10). Students will be ______ on their reading and writingi ablities through question paper_______by the
(a)total, kept
(b)kept, set
(c) tested, provided
(d)evaluated, asked
(e)calculated, assigned

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