Types Of Computer

  • Analog computer : Numerical data are represented by measurable physical variables such as electrical voltage. E.g. Thermometer measures temperature of body like 38 degree celcius.(Numerical value)
  • Digital computer : Digital computer accepts and process data in the form of numbers and all the character are converted into binary code. Binary code means 0 (zero) & 1 (one)“0” indicates “OFF”“1” indicates “ON”
  • Hybrid computer : Hybrid computer used the combined feature of analog and digital machine. Hybrid Computer = Analog + Digital Hybrid computer used in geological departments.
  • Microcomputer : Micro means very small in nature that means these are small relatively inexpensive computer designed for personal and office use . E.g. Laptop or Desktop.
  • Minicomputer : Minicomputer is powerful as compared to microcomputer.It has higher memory provide faster operating speeds and large storage capacities than microcomputers E.g. Used as a server and capable of supporting from 2 to 200 users.
  • Mainframe computer : It has very high memory and processing speed and used as a server (can support thousands of users)
  • Super computer : Super computer can be used for complex type of application i.e. specific research, weather forecasting, Weapon designing etc .
  • CDC 6600 was the first successful supercomputer.
  • Sunway TaihuLight of China is the fastest supercomputer in the world.
  • PARAM-8000 India’s first Super Computer developed by C- DAC Pune in 1998.
  • Shasra T is considered as India’s fastest super computer, manufactured by Indian Institute of Science.

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