Computer awareness Quiz

1)Which type of memory holds only the program and data that the CPU is presently processing?
(a) CMOS (b) ROM (c)RAM (d) ASCII  (e) None of these

2) A button that makes character upper or lower case and numbers to  symbol.
(a) monitor (b) shift key (C) icon (d) mouse (e) None of these

3) Programs designed specifically to instructions address generalpurpose applications and speciaIpurpose applications are called  (a) operating system (b) system software  (c) application software  (d) management information system (e) None of these

4)A series of instruction that tells  computer what to do and how to do. (a) program ‘(b) command (C) user response (d) processor e)non of these

5)The communications device that allow computer to access a network is called a _. (a) modem (b) video storage c)sound (d) network (e) None of these

6)A piece of hardware that is used to enter information into the computer by  using keys __ a) keyboard b)monitor c)harddisk d)icon

7). ……… is a data that has been organized or presented in a  meaningful fashion.
(a) A process (b) Storage  (C) Software (d) information(e) None of these

8) To view inflormation on the web you;must have a …..
(a) cable modem
(b) web browser.
(c) Name Server
(d) hypertext viewer
(e) None of these .

9)How many margins are on a page ?
(a) Two (header and footer)
(b) Four (top, bottom, right, left)
(c) Two (landscape and Portrait)
(d) Two (top and bottom)
(e) None of these

10)Which key is used In combination with another key to perform a specific task?
(a) function (b) arrow
(c) space bar  (d) control.
(e) None of these

11) What  Is an embedded system?
(a) A program that comes wrapped In a box (b)A program that is permanently part off computer
(c)A computer that is part of a larger computer. (d)A computer and software system controls a machine or appliance.    (e) None of these

12)Text in a column is generally alinged a)Justified (b) right (c) center (d)|eft’ (e)None of these

13)What is the full form of ’GUI’ ?
(a) Gnutell’a Universal InterfaCe (b)Graphical Userlnterface
(C) Graphic Uninstall/Install
(d) General Utility Interface
(e) None of these

14)Junk e-mail Is alsd Called …..
(a) spam (b) spoof.(c) sniff script  (d) spool (e) None of these

15)A word in a web page that, when clicked, opens another document …… .
(a) anchor (b). URL (c) hyperlink (d) reference (e) None of these

16) Which of. the following referes to a small, single-site network? (a) LAN . (b) DSL (c)RAM (d) USB . (e) CPU

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