Computer Awareness Quiz for RRB Officer Scale 1 main

1)The main ‘computer in a network is called a) host processor
b) frontend processor ,
c) commentator
e) None of these

2) A compiler means . 
a) a person who compiles source programs
b) the same thing as programmer
c) keypunch operator
d) a program which translates source program into object program
e) None of these 

3) Which of the following languages is not , well suited for computation a) PASCAL
c) Machine
d) C 
e) None of these

4)Which of the following is used  as “Input device” for the computer a) Printer
b) VDU
d) Light pen
e) None of these

5)A subdivision of a track on a magnetic disk or drum is
a) Surface
b) sector
c) tape deck
d) scratch tape
e) None of these

6)Data processing computer built to conventional architecture is known as
a) Super Computer
b) Mainframe computer
c)Micro computer
d) Mini Computer
e).None of these

7)Which is an electronic device that can store temporarily a single bit Of data?
a) Accumulator
b) Buffer
c) Memory
d) Latch
e) None of these

8)A device that both transmits and receives data, is ‘
a) transducer .
b) trapdoor
c) translator
d) transceiver
e) None of these

9)Which of the following topologies is not broadcast type?
a) Star
b) Bus
c) Ring
d) Tree
e) None of these

10) In MODEMS _
a) several digital signals are multiplexed
b) a digital signal changes some. characteristic of carrier wave
c) digital signal is amplified
d) All of these
e) None of these

11)The feature that keeps track of the right ‘ margin is 
a) find and replace
b) word wrap
c)right justified
d) left justified
e) ragged right

12) What is the advantage of using basic HTML to create a document?
a) HTML is very easy to use
b) . The document can displayed by all word processor c) The document can be displayed by all programs
d) The document can be displayed by all browsers
e) None of these

13)The transfermation of a message into an encoded form is known as:
a) Mnemonics
b) Encoding
c) Encryption
d) Decoding
e) None of these

14)The uniquesignal, generatedby a deviee, ‘ that tells the Operating system, that it is ‘ in need of immediate attention is called an:
a) action
b) event
c) interrupt .
d) activity
e) None of these

15)How many peripheral devices can be connected to a single SCSI port?
b) 8
d) 32
e) 64

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