Banking Awareness Quiz

Banking Awareness is one of the most important part in every bank exams . There are 10-12 questions are now a days is from this section. Every student must know the basic banking Awareness to boost up score. Here we provide some important question from this section.

1) Many times we read in newspapers that several companies are adopting the FCCBs route to raise capital. What is the full form of FCCBs ?
(1) Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds
(2) Foreign Convertible Credit Bonds
(3) Financial Consortium and Credit Bureau .
(4) Future Credit and Currency Bureau
(5) None of these

2)Many a times, we read in newspapers that some big banks have revised their lending rates to’ make them dearer or cheaper. Though the ‘ decision .to raise the lending rates is always in the hands of the banks normally they announce this decision of theirs :

1.immediately after the Union Budget is presented in the Lok Sabha every year. 2.when the RBI makes changes in its policy rates.
3.when the Monetary and Credit Policy of the RBI is reviewed periodically.
(1) Only 1 .
(2) Only 2
(3) Only 3 ,
(4) Only 2 and 3
(5) All 1, 2 and 3

3)Inflation in India is measured on which of the following indexes/indicators ?
(1) Cost of Living Index (COLI)
(2) Consumer Price Index (CPI) (3) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
(4)Wholesale Price Index (WPI)
(5)None of these

4)Which of the following is a function of the agent bank relating to flow of money in the process of loan syndication? (1) Receiving notices relating to caneellatibn of any part of the loan
(2) Calling of loans in the event of default (3)Receiving the fee from theborrower and distributing among the participating banks
(4) Receiving notices relating to transfers of banks .
(5) None of these

5)Which of the following is a leading. electronic
payment technology firm? ‘
(1)Visa ‘
(2) Max
(3) BSE
(4) Sensex
(5) SWAP

6)CRR funds are kept by the Banks in ………
(1) Cash in hand at branches
(2) Balance with other banks
(3)Balance in a special Account with RBI .
(4) Funds in the currency chest
(5) None

7)In the list of nationalized banks, which bank was merged with Punjab National Bank in 1993?
(1) Bank of India
(2) Bank of Baroda
(3) Andhra Bank
(4)New Bank of India
(5) Central Bank of India ‘

8)The Shipping guarantee is a?
( 1) Type of a letter of credit -‘
(2) Guarantee issued by the ship captain to the purchaser
(3) Guarantee issued to the borrower towards the loan granted by the shipping company
(4) Deferred payment guarantee issued by a banker at the request of the consignee when the documents are not received and goods ‘are received for facilitating the delivery of goods. (5) None of these

9)Who said the nationalization of banks is the ‘masterstroke of political sagacity’?
(1) Indir a Gandhi .
(2) Raj Narayan
(3)Jayaprakash Narayan
(4) Jawahar Lal Nehru. (5) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

10)Regional Rural Banks have been set up with the basic objectives of:(1)Providing credit to semi urban & urban population
(2) Providing deposits facilities to farmers
(3) Providing credit and deposit facilities to rural areas
(4) providing credit deposit and other banking facilities to people in rural areas
(5) None of these

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