Quantitative Aptitude For IBPS PO

quantitative aptitude

Directions (Q.1-15): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: Q1. Rs. 5,000 is invested at 4% per annum rate of simple interest and another amount at 6% per annum rate of simple interest. if after 3 years the interest received on both the amount is Rs.3300. then find out another amount?(a)Rs.12000(b)Rs.15000(c)Rs.18000(d)Rs.21000(e)Rs.17000 Q2. The L.C.M of two number is 3 times of largest number and difference between smallest number and H.C.F. of two number is 12. Then find out the smallest number.(a)12(b)17(c)15(d)18(e)124 Q3. The average of 7…

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